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The Scare Network


So, what is the Scare Network? Want to be involved? Then read on…

In line with the continual growth of the UK scare entertainment industry, and the growing recognition of Halloween as the second most popular holiday season after Christmas, we are inviting all 170 UK scare entertainment attractions to become involved with an industry changing body – The Scare Network.

At the moment scare entertainment attractions all market themselves independently, and continue to grow individually each year. The Scare Network has been formed to unite all aspects of the UK industry to collectively promote scare entertainment in all its current, and future, forms to a wider press.

There is currently no all encompassing web presence, networking collective, forum for best practice or co-operative for knowledge sharing – we want to change this.

The Scare Network will be a business tool which pro-actively promotes scare entertainment in the UK at Halloween, and throughout the year. It will be an unbiased collective, which runs according to key statements of conduct and which aims primarily to;

• Continue the web dominance of www.scareattractions.co.uk, but re-position the site to increase internet traffic to network members own sites.

• List all current, past and future scare entertainment attractions and shows, including but not limited to, scare attractions, scare theatre shows and ghost walks.

• Become an independent source of knowledge sharing for network members and the public.

• Create networking opportunities both online and through events.

• Develop a forum for best practice within the UK scare entertainment industry.

• Make available a list of suppliers offering products and services to the UK scare entertainment industry

• Showcase news, interviews and features of interest to network members and the public.

• Create a fair and respected system of awards.

First and foremost however, we intend to unite all aspects of the industry to collectively support the growth of scare entertainment, and together make our message clear and strong – both in the media and with official bodies, but most importantly to our audiences – the general public.

This kind of collective vision has been successfully rolled out in the US market, and it is time for us to unite together as one.

In order for The Scare Network to become effective, we need all forms of UK scare entertainment to get involved. We will build a UK map featuring your attractions, allowing the public to search quickly and easily for scare entertainment in their locale – with direct links back to your own website.

Together, we can create a strong dominance of active professional attraction operators, like-minded business people and producers, whose message to the national media will be clear and heard.

It is our combined effort in spreading the word which will make The Scare Network a success, and we hope you will become part of it. Becoming part of The Scare Network 2012 is free of charge.

If you are interested in becoming part of The Scare Network please sign up for free by sending us an email to iwanttobebeinvolved@scareattractions.co.uk with all your details. In return we’ll email you our jpeg logo badge so you can proudly display it  on your own site, and don’t forget to keep us informed of your news and developments so that we promote you.