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Our Mission


We are part of the Scare Network and are pleased to share a common mission…

To create a united operator lead network which will inform, educate and promote the growing UK scare entertainment industry.


  • The Scare Network is an operator lead network.
  • The Scare Network exists to actively promote all aspects of the UK scare entertainment industry including, but not limited to, scare attractions, scare theatre shows, ghost walks and industry service suppliers. The latest news and features will also be made available via The Scare Networks various web presences.
  • The Scare Network stands for equality of representation across the network.
  • The Scare Network will freely promote attractions, entertainment and services with credible fact based content, without favouritism, from an unbiased position, and irrelevant of financial sway. We will not publish subjective or unsubstantiated statements.
  • The Scare Network will aim to educate both the industry and the general public as one.
  • The Scare Network exists to maximize the collective operator lead marketing potential across regional and national media.
  • The Scare Network aims to recognise and promote responsible and professional best practice.
  • We will openly welcome established and new attractions, as well as service suppliers. Any featured attraction or service which is in its first year of operation or production will be clearly indicated as ‘First Year Attraction’ or ‘New to the Industry’. We may ask for clarification of professional standing from new companies.
  • Press and media enquiries will be directed to all relevant network members, without favouritism or allegiance.